Coffeeduck Senseo pads F.A.Q

Coffeeduck Espresso cups F.A.Q

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Senseo pads

Is your coffee too weak?
1.    Not enough coffee in the Coffeeduck.
2.    Not enough or too coarse a grade of coffee in the Coffeeduck (use a finer grind like espresso grade).
3.    The coffee is too old, always use fresh coffee.

Does your coffee maker leak?
1.    The aroma filter has been placed incorrectly on the top rim.
2.    You have put too much coffee in the Coffeeduck.
3.    There are stray grounds on the top rim or flange of the Coffeeduck, always clean the rim to remove all traces of coffee.
4.    There are coffee grounds in the Senseo’s rubber lid seal (clean this rubber seal carefully with a wet cloth).

Grounds in the coffee?
1.    Hasty filling or removal of the Coffeeduck have led to coffee grounds getting into the Senseo coffee maker. Clean the coffee maker carefully.
2.    You have forgotten to place the aroma filter on the Coffeeduck.

Not much (but really strong) coffee in a single cup
1.    You are pressing the coffee down too hard and preventing proper percolation.



Espresso Cups


The machine produces water the first few seconds, and then weak coffee.
1.    You are probably using a brown/gold Espressocup in a machine produced after October 2010, while you should be using a black Espressocup.
2.    You did not put enough espresso coffee grounds into your Espressocup and/or you did not compress the coffee grounds enough.

The machine does not close or is very difficult to close after inserting the Espressocup.
1.    You are probably using a black Espressocup in a machine produced before October 2010, while you should be using a brown/
    gold Espressocup.

Espressocup does not release after use.
1.    The rim is not pointing upwards and/or the Espressocup is new. The Espressocup may
    shrink slightly at first and will fit better after being used a number of times.
    Release it by hand.

Espressocup is still hanging inside the shaft.
1. You are using the wrong Espressocup.
    Please check whether your coffee machine was produced before or after October 2010
    (the brown/gold Espressocup in particular can get very stuck).
2.    The coffee maker was opened too quickly.
    Do NOT try to close the machine at this point, as this will only damage the Espressocup. Loosen the Espressocup care- fully by hand.

Weak espresso.
1.    Too little ground espresso coffee in the Espressocup. Make sure the Espressocup is always filled to the rim. If the Espressocup is not completely full, the water will not flow through the ground coffee properly, resulting in weak coffee.
2.    The coffee used was too coarsely ground.
    Only finely ground espresso may be used.
3.    You selected the wrong amount of water,  one that is not suitable for a large cup of coffee.
4.    You are probably using a brown/gold Espressocup in a machine produced after October 2010, while you should be using a black Espressocup.

Coffee does not flow out and machine switches itself off.
1.    The ground coffee used was not evenly ground and/or it was pressed down too hard.
    The machine always switches off automatically if the ground espresso coffee is not evenly fine because the smallest granules accumulate in front of the filter, blocking the flow of water.